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Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity - Alliance between the chefs and Slow Food Presidia

Chefs Tales

"In the future, I see chefs coming into the kitchen with vegetables straight from the ground and milk straight from the cow; guided by their past and their memories, formed by a critical, non-nostalgic point of view, they will bring the best of our past to the future. We are the true custodians of our culture. We must continue to search for products that are disappearing and offer them to our clients, explaining to them why it is important to protect them. The dream is what drives us, lest we forget."
Massimo Bottura, Osteria Francescana, Modena


Restaurants are the best way to communicate food and wine culture. They have direct contact with consumers, enjoy an aura of knowledge and credibility and, in general, are attentive explorers of the food resources of their territories.


Their role is fundamental to safeguarding agricultural and food biodiversity.


Here are the stories from some key players in the Alliance network!

  Chefs Tales Chefs Tales Chefs Tales  
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