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Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity Onlus

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Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity Onlus

Slow Food in Africa

Slow Food has been working in Africa since 2003 and currently involves over 100,000 people: farmers, herders, fishers, cooks, students, teachers and more. The network is organized into convivia (the reference point for members) and food communities (groups of producers inspired by the Slow Food principles).

Africa is an immense continent, with 55 countries and over a billion inhabitants who speak over 2,000 languages. The variety of peoples and cultures is mirrored by an extraordinary wealth of biodiversity. Desert covers a third of the continent, but along the 6,000 kilometers of the Rift Valley fault, running from Syria to Mozambique, lie some of the world's most interesting ecosystems, like Lake Victoria, the largest African lake, or Mount Kilimanjaro and its surrounding mountains.

Slow Food is working to raise awareness about the value of this biodiversity and to promote the right to food sovereignty, reviving traditional products and returning local food to markets, home kitchens and schools.

Various tools are used: food gardens (community, family or school), the Ark of Taste (a catalog of products at risk of extinction), the Presidia (concrete projects for saving the products), the Earth Markets (farmers' markets) and the Slow Food Alliance of Chefs.

Along with a number of other organizations, Slow Food's African network runs various campaigns: against land grabbing (according to the International Land Coalition this problem affects over 80 million hectares of fertile land, which have been given to multinationals, sovereign funds and financial institutions, and over half the recorded cases of land grabbing around the world are from sub-Saharan Africa), against the introduction of GMOs in agriculture and in favor of small-scale fishing, herding and raw-milk cheese production.


Slow Food in Africa Slow Food in Africa
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