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Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity Onlus

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Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity Onlus

What we do

The Slow Food Foundation is growing year by year. It operates around the world with projects to defend local food traditions, protect local biodiversity and promote small-scale quality products, with an increasing focus on investments in countries of the Global South.

The principal project of the Foundation, from an economic and organizational point of view, is that of the Presidia. There are now over 300 Presidia all over the world, which were created to protect small producers and to preserve the quality of artisan products, from Tibetan cheesemakers producing yak milk cheese at 4500 meters of altitude to nomadic fishermen on the Banc d'Arguin in Mauritania, from small farmers in Bronte, Sicily who pick pistachio nuts by hand on the slopes of Etna, to curadoras de semillas in Chile who still preserve the ancient breed of the blue egg chicken.
Thanks to the initiatives of Slow Food's network of members, leaders, researchers, writers, chefs and producers, the Foundation is able to help improve production techniques, come up with new products or new ways to use products and find local and international markets for then.


The Foundation's second important project is the Ark of Taste, the catalogue of quality food products that are at risk of extinction. Through the research of experts from all over the world who are integral to our 18 national commissions, over 700 products in 50 countries have been chosen for the Ark.


With Earth Markets project, the Foundation supports the development, diffusion and enforcement of the relationships between the farmers' markets of the world, to reduce the number of intermediaries between producers and distributors, which will lessen the distance food travels from field to table.


The Slow Food Foundation also promotes the exchange of information and knowledge between members of different food communities through participation at Terra Madre. Terra Madre is an event held in Turin every two years and is attended by 5,000 producers from 130 countries.

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