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Lake Trasimeno Bean - Presì Slow Food

Lake Trasimeno Bean


Grown for centuries on the land around Lake Trasimeno, this bean was very popular until the 1950s, but has since almost completely disappeared. The depopulation of the countryside is partly to blame, as is the lengthy and laborious cultivation process, still entirely manual, from sowing to harvesting to threshing. The tiny, oval bean comes in a range of colors, from cream to black, passing though salmon and many shades of brown, and is sometimes speckled. When cooked, the beans are tender, buttery and particularly flavorful. They are best eaten boiled, seasoned simply with a little local extra-virgin olive oil.


Traditionally harvested between July and August, but available dried year-round.

Buy in company

Sacchetti da 250 gr.
Prezzo: Euro 5.00 - 6.00 cadauno

Per ordini contattare direttamente i produttori:

Paolo Ceccarelli

Madrevite di Enio Chiuchiurlotto

Flavio Orsini

Eleonora Giulianini

Alessandro Spensierati

The farms that still grow the beans are family-run: small-scale producers who sow and harvest their crop by hand. They have joined in an association and signed a production protocol to help distinguish the Presidium beans from the other, monochromatic beans more commonly found on the market. The Presidium is working to promote the bean, helping it move beyond the local market so as to encourage an increase in production.

Production area
Municipalities around Lake Trasimeno, Perugia Province

Presidium supported by
Trasimeno-Medio Tevere Municipalities Association Mountain Community, Umbria Regional Authority
Carlo e Marco Carini
Colle Umberto (Pg)
Strada del Tegolaro, 3
tel. +39 337 651795

Paolo Ceccarelli
Castiglione del Lago (Pg)
località Petrignano del Lago
vocabolo Giorgi, 43-tel. +39 075 9528286
335 1240063

Eleonora Giulianini
Castiglione del Lago (Pg)
Pozzuolo Umbro
via Indipendenza, 91
tel. +39 334 1092373

Flavio Orsini
Passignano sul Trasimeno (Pg)
località San Donato, 34
tel. +39 075 829255-339 8243379

Alessandro Spensierati
Cortona (Ar)
via San Marco, 1
tel. +39 333 7244715

di Enio Chiuchiurlotto
Castiglione del Lago
frazione Vaiano
via Cimbano, 36
tel. +39 075 9527220-347 0046160
Slow Food Presidium Producers’ Coordinator
Flavio Orsini
Tel. +39 075 829255/+39 339 8243379

Slow Food Presidium Coordinator
Mauro Masci
Tel. +39 075 8296424/+39 335 5880058


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