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Brigasca Sheep Toma - Presì Slow Food

Brigasca Sheep Toma


The name Brigasca comes from La Brigue, a French town in the Roya Valley, in past centuries the most important sheep-farming center in the area where Liguria, Piedmont and Provence meet. The Brigasca is a native sheep breed with a ram-like profile. The males have spiral horns. A hardy animal, able to reach the most inaccessible pastures, traditionally it would spend seven or eight months in the mountains and the rest of the year along the coast, where the mild climate meant it could graze outdoors even in the winter. The sheep’s milk is used to make three cheeses—Sora, Toma and Brus—whose tradition is closely linked to the age-old practice of transhumance, the seasonal migration of livestock.


Cheesemaking occurs year-round, particularly from January to October

In the early 20th century, 60,000 Brigasca sheep were being farmed, but today only 1,800 remain, 800 of which are in the Roya Valley in France. The Presidium wants to promote the raw-milk tomas made in the handful of remaining mountain dairies along the French border, and support the important role of shepherds in protecting the natural environment. The few hard-working producers move their flocks from pasture to pasture, living in difficult conditions but driven by a passion for their work.

Production area
Imperia valleys and mountain pastures near the French border
Nevio Balbis
Sanremo (Im)
via Montà Di Lanza, 80
tel. +39 333 3302604

Il Boschetto di Aldo Lo Manto
Albenga (Sv)
regione Boschetto
frazione Bastia
tel. +39 0182 20687-339 4167938

Agriturismo Il Castagno
Mendatica (Im)
via San Bernardo, 39
tel. +39 0183 328718-349 2961932
Alpeggia presso la malga Cian Prai a Mendatica (Im).
Slow Food Presidium Producers’ Coordinator
Maurizio Bazzano
Tel. +39 019 599767 - 333 1035799

Slow Food Presidium Coordinator
Pietro Garibbo
tel. +39 377 1601301


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