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Grigio Alpina Cow
 - Presì Slow Food

Grigio Alpina Cow

Trentino Alto Adige

The Grigio Alpina cow is one of the oldest inhabitants of the Alps. Raised in marginal, extreme environments, like high-altitude farms, it can adapt perfectly to difficult mountain conditions. Of medium size and weight, it has robust limbs and particularly strong hooves. The coat is pale gray, with darker shading. Hardy and frugal, it has an innate instinct for seeking the best forage and will venture up to remote pastures that are inaccessible to other cattle breeds.


Cheese is made from Grigio Alpina milk during the summer pasturing period, from June to September, and ages from 2 to 12 months. Kaminwurz and smoked beef are produced year-round.

Grigio Alpina numbers have declined significantly throughout the Alps. Like other native cattle breeds, it has been decimated by the restrictive animal-husbandry policies of the past and the more recent spread of intensive farms, which guarantee high yields but are not in harmony with local area. The Presidium wants to support the farmers to help them increase the quality of their milk and meat.

Production area
Alpine areas, Bolzano and Trento Provinces

Presidium supported by
Bolzano Chamber of Commerce, Bolzano Autonomous Provincial Authority, National Association of Grigio Alpina Cattle Breeders
Agriturismo Fiordibosco
di Graziano Lozzer
Valfloriana (Tn)
Frazione Sicina, 55
tel. +39 0462 910002-329 0125349

Maso Prener
di Andrea Giovannini
Baselga di Pinè (Tn)
Frazione Rizzolaga
tel. +39 340 5428531-320 2357902

Maso Niedermair
della Famiglia Ernst Kaserer
Castelbello (Bz)
Trumsberg, 4
tel. +39 0473 624091-349 2593055

Maso Oberkaser
della Famiglia Michael e Helene Pixner
Laces (Bz)
St. Martin Am Kofel, 12
tel. +39 0473 720125
Slow Food Presidium Producers’ Coordinator
Christina Müller
Tel. +39 0471 980490,

Slow Food Presidium Coordinator
Sergio Valentini
Tel. +39 0464 423721


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