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Sicilian Black Bee - Presì Slow Food

Sicilian Black Bee


The Sicilian black bee (“Apis mellifera siciliana”) has a dark abdomen, yellow down and small wings. Sicily has been its home for millennia, but it risked extinction after being abandoned in the 1970s, as beekeepers got rid of their traditional rectangular beehives made from dried fennel stalks and began importing the Italian bee (“Apis mellifera ligustica”) from northern Italy. The Sicilian bee is docile and very productive, even in hot weather (it can withstand temperatures over 40°C, when other bees stop working) and can tolerate sudden temperature changes.


The honey is produced from April to July.

One beekeeper, Carlo Amodeo, preserved the last three genetic lines surviving on a few Sicilian islands. He shared them with other producers, and now the Presidium has eight beekeepers. A reintroduction project is being supported by the Sicily Regional Authority and coordinated by Bologna’s CRA-API (the beekeeping research unit of the Italian council for agricultural research and experimentation), with the collaboration of the universities of Catania and Palermo, the Sicilian zooprophylaxis institute, the Collesano SOAT (operational section for technical assistance), Amodeo and Slow Food. The project will research new genetic lines, establish isolated pollination stations and evaluate the performance of the Sicilian black bee compared to the Italian bee. The project involves 49 Sicilian beekeepers.

Production area
Palermo and Trapani Provinces

Presidium supported by
Sicilian Region’s Agriculture and Forestry Department
Carlo Amodeo
Termini Imerese (Pa)
contrada Madonna Diana
tel. +39 091 8114615 - 337 967373

Carlo Amodeo è il custode delle tre linee genetiche sopravvissute di ape nera sicula. Produce miele di ape nera e ha messo a disposizione la propria esperienza e le proprie regine per il progetto di reintroduzione della razza in Sicilia.

Fortunato Battaglia
via Mario Palumbo, 26
tel. +39 320 0698120

di Maria Vitale
Galati Mamertino (Me)
via Cavour, 226
tel. +39 347 7181525

Nettare di Sicilia
di Mario Cirrito
Caltavuturo (Pa)
contrada Cammarella
tel. +39 339 1731849

Sergio Sapienza
Altofonte (Pa)
via Villafranca, 26
tel. +39 328 3168910
Non produce miele ma alleva api nere.

Anna Sottile
Castelbuono (Pa)
Via Santa Croce,92
tel. +39 368 7102848

Susanna Spisso
Caltavuturo (Pa)
contrada Monteriparato
tel. +39 333 2306188

Giulio Vitale
Mazzara del Vallo (Tp)
via dell'acquedotto, 10
tel. +39 347 4853870

Slow Food Presidium Producers’ Coordinator
Carlo Amodeo
Tel. +39 091 8114615 - 337 967373

Slow Food Presidium Coordinator
Rosario Gugliotta
tel. +39 335 8391030


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