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Madonie Provola - Presì Slow Food

Madonie Provola


Slightly more squashed, pear-shaped and bulging than the Provola made in the Nebrodi, with a short neck and rounded head, this cheese is made within one of Italy’s most biodiversity-rich areas, the Madonie mountains. A typical full-fat cow’s milk, stretched-curd cheese, it is shaped like a rounded flask and has a smooth, thin, straw-yellow rind. The cheeses are hung up in pairs along a pole and aged for at least 10 to 15 days in cool, airy rooms. A slightly smoked version is produced using wood from local trees, and another version is aged for at least three or four months. A small amount of fattier sheep’s or goat’s milk is added to the cow’s milk to make the aged version.


Madonie Provola is made from March to June, and must be aged at least three months.
Madonie Provola is compact, tender and elastic, with a sweet, delicate flavor. The Presidium has drawn up a production protocol which guarantees the cheese’s traceability and high quality. The quality derives first and foremost from the milk, which comes from cows raised in wild and semi-wild conditions in the Madonie pastures. They are given the minimum amount of supplementary feed, and any legumes and cereals that are used are sourced from a local grower.

Production area
Madonie mountains, Palermo Province

Presidium supported by
Sicily Regional Authority's Agriculture and Forestry Department
Grazia Sandra Invidiata
Collesano (Pa)
contrada Santa Anastasia
tel. +39 0921 661536-328 4723440

Vincenzo Barreca
Geraci Siculo (Pa)
contrada Abbate
tel. +39 335 8262671 - 338 4892199

Slow Food Presidium Producers’ Coordinator
Grazia Invidiata
Tel. +39 328 4723440

Slow Food Presidium Coordinator
Aldo Gallina
tel. +39 339 4569452


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