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Noto Almond - Presì Slow Food

Noto Almond


In the almond groves of Noto, the trees are pruned at the end of September, wild plants are grafted in December and the soil is plowed three or four times a year and fertilized annually with manure. Between July and August workers called “ciurme” beat the branches with long canes and collect the almonds on large cloths spread on the ground. The almonds are then bagged and hulled. Earnings are low and competition on the market from foreign almonds is intense. However, this area, one of Sicily’s most beautiful agricultural landscapes, is home to a variety of exceptional quality, the Romana, particularly sought after by confectioners.
These heirloom cultivars have a thick, woody shell, which protects the almond’s fats and preserves its flavor and fragrance for a long time. On the other hand, the yield is very low. With the establishment of the Presidium, a production protocol has been drawn up and the almond-growers have joined together in an association. The objective is to give the producers greater autonomy and to ensure that in the future the almonds are hulled, dried, shelled, peeled and sold directly by them.

Production area
Noto, Avola, Rosolini and Canicattini Bagni Municipalities, Syracuse Province

Presidium supported by
Sicily Regional Authority's Agriculture and Forestry Department
Giuseppe Carbone
Noto (Sr)
via XX Settembre, 119
tel. +39 0931 836893-328 9480430

Concetto Scardaci
Noto (Sr)
via Littara,11
tel. +39 320 6747170

Salvatore Stracquadanio
Noto (Sr)
via dei Mille, 9
tel. +39 0931 894499

Carlo Assenza
Noto (Sr)
Corso Vittorio Emanuele 125
tel. +39 0931 835013-335 7512584

Corrado Bonfanti
Noto (Sr)
Vico Agliastro, 4
tel. +39 333 2085875
Slow Food Presidium Producers’ Coordinator
Concetto Scardaci
Tel. +39 320 6747170

Slow Food Presidium Coordinator
Carmelo Maiorca
tel. +39 347 6557018


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