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Roccaverano Robiola - Presì Slow Food

Roccaverano Robiola


In the Langa Astigiana and the area around Acqui Terme, this cheese was once known as furmagetta, robiola or arbiora. It was traditionally prepared by women, using goat’s milk, sometimes with the addition of a little sheep’s milk. The women would sell the cheese at the market or to local traders, and use the income to buy sugar, coffee, pasta and oil. Then, in 1979, a DOC (controlled denomination of origin) defined a production protocol and the production area, but allowed the use of up to 85% of cow’s milk, thus denaturing the cheese’s tradition. The DOP (protected denomination of origin) obtained later allowed a maximum of 50% cow’s milk, but a small group of cheesemakers continues to make the cheese using pure goat’s milk. It is excellent fresh or aged.


Production takes place from early March to mid-December. The minimum aging period as specified by the Presidium is 5-6 days.

The Presidium protects the small-scale producers who pasture their animals and make Roccaverano Robiola only from raw goat’s milk. Sadly, over the years, the number of Roccaverano goats, the local breed, has fallen drastically as they have been replaced by more productive breeds. In 1990, there were just 200 animals left, but the revival of authentic Roccaverano Robiola has led to initiatives to safeguard the breed. Some of the producers also raise them.

Production area
Langa Astigiana, Asti Province
Vesime (At)
Regione Bricchetto, 60
Tel. +39 347 8867907
La robiola è distribuita dal Caseificio dell’Alta Langa.

di Massimo Trinchero
Vesime (At)
Regione Lavezzato, 6
Tel. +39 331 9860474

di Ulderico Antonioli Piovano
Mombaldone (At)
Regione Casagrossa, 1
Tel. +39 0144 92209
339 8800492

La Masca
Roccaverano (At)
Regione Cova, 12
Tel. +39 0144 93313

Amaltea di Daniela Saglietti
Roccaverano (At)
Regione Caramello Piandonnne, 16
Tel. +39 0144 93151

Simone Stutz
Mombaldone (At)
Casa Poggi
Tel. +39 0144 950730
334 8647441
Slow Food Presidium Producers’ Coordinator
Monica Caldi
Tel. +39 0144 93313

Slow Food Presidium Coordinator
Giorgia Turco
tel. +39 335 6783984


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