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Carmagnola Ox-Horn Pepper - Presì Slow Food

Carmagnola Ox-Horn Pepper


Carmagnola is one of Italy’s pepper capitals, known for four different types: Quadrato (almost a cube, with four points), Tomaticòt (round like a tomato), Trottola (heart-shaped) and Corno or Lungo. This last variety, known locally as Corno di Bue, Ox-Horn, is recognizable by its splendid colors (deep yellow or bright red) and most of all by its very elongated, conical shape with three or four lobes. The peppers grow over 20 centimeters long, and are cultivated on flat, silty, sandy ground. Delicious served raw, it is also features in many traditional and creative recipes. The peppers have a sweet flavor, and their thick, firm, succulent flesh improves with storage.


The harvest lasts from the end of July to the end of the October.

This pepper is not at risk of extinction, but has been debased by the habit of consigning it to the preserving industry, often mixed with anonymous imported varieties. The Presidium, set up to create a new market for a product with excellent sensory characteristics, currently includes seven historic producers from Carmagnola and its surroundings, joined in an association.

Production area
Carmagnola Municipality and surroundings, Province of Turin

Presidium supported by
Turin Province
Giuseppe Cavaglià
Carmagnola (To)
via Ceresole, 35
tel. +39 347 5026446
338 9734707

Bartolomeo Cavagliato
Poirino (To)
cascina Greco, 155
tel. +39 011 9451101

Antonio Chicco
Carmagnola (To)
via Cuneo, 43
tel. +39 011 9771257
348 7445505

Piermauro Costa
Carmagnola (To)
via Borghetto, 25
tel. +39 339 7230384

Lorenzo Crivello
Carmagnola (To)
via Carde, 6
tel. +39 011 9726363-333 2148659

La Ca' Veja
di Susanna Ghirardo
Carmagnola (To)
via Murina, 25
tel. +39 011 9721644-340 5011606

Enrico Tachis
Carmagnola (To)
via Grangia, 4
tel. +39 011 9795126-335 6044097
Slow Food Presidium Producers’ Coordinator
Lorenzo Crivello
Tel. +39 333 2148659


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