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Lucca Red Bean - Presì Slow Food

Lucca Red Bean


These red beans have streaks ranging in color from dark burgundy to almost black, and look a little like borlotti (cranberry) beans. Their intense fragrance and flavor, plus their incredibly soft texture, makes them ideal for traditional Lucca dishes like farro and vegetable soups and pasta and beans. Their cultivation has long played an important role in the life of the local people; farming families would sow them for their own consumption and also use them for bartering.


The beans are picked from August to early September and are available dried year-round.

Consumers’ growing interest in heritage legumes and traditional cuisine has led to the revival of the seed and its cultivation. Careful selection by farmers has allowed the recovery of the original pure seed, helped by the work of a number of passionate growers who for years continued to reproduce the seeds of Lucca red beans and other local varieties.
The Presidium wants to promote this shared heritage and help the beans find a market, including by encouraging local restaurants to start serving traditional local legumes.

Production area
Lucca, Capannori and Porcari Municipalities, Lucca Province

Presidium supported by
Funds collected from the Alliance project linking Italian chefs and Slow Food Presidia in 2011
Guido Befani
San Donato di Compito
Via Villa Altieri, 840
tel. +39 329 0624298

Francesco Chiocca
Località Carignano
Via delle Muricciole, 142 D
tel. +39 0583 329002
339 8883083

Renzo Del Prete
Capannori (Lu)
San Ginese di Compito
Via Pierini, 13
tel. +39 0583 90474-347 4472231

Paolo Giovannetti
Capannori (Lu)
San Ginese di Compito
Via San Ginese, 71
tel. +39 366 6877746

Giovanni Giovannoni
Capannori (Lu)
San Ginese di Compito
Via di Villa, 23
tel. +39 366 4299280

Paolo Giuli
Località San Alessio
Via Pieve Santo Stefano, 563
tel. +39 0583 341611

Leonardo Matteucci
Capannori (Lu)
Colle di Compito
Via Campolungo, 8
tel. +39 0583 979333
338 6115180

Alessandro Rossi
Località San Marco
Via Padre Antonio Costa, 68 B
tel. +39 0583 464308
349 8080482

Porcari (Lu)
Via del Sesto, 1
tel. +39 0583 211070

Slow Food Presidium Coordinator
Marco Del Pistoia
Tel. +39 329 7399748


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