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Gorizia Rosa Radicchio
 - Presì Slow Food

Gorizia Rosa Radicchio

Friuli Venezia Giulia

The climate and alluvial soil around Gorizia, in the Collio area of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, has historically made the town famous for vegetable-growing. A local variety of red radicchio (Cicorium inthybus) has long been cultivated in the town’s market gardens and surrounding agricultural areas (particularly Sant’Andrea and San Rocco). The radicchio looks like a rosebud about to open, and is known as the “rosa di Gorizia”, the rose of Gorizia. The leaves are an intense, bright red color, with shadings of pink and garnet, and have a crisp texture and strong, slightly bitter flavor.
The area’s oldest farmers remember always having grown this type of radicchio, which represented one of the few secure sources of income during the winter season for the mixed farms (vegetables, livestock, extensive cultivation) once common in the area.

The producers’ association unites six Rosa di Gorizia growers, all located in the area north of Gorizia traditionally suited to growing radicchio, now under threat from overbuilding. Some of the areas around the town have already been built up, and the last market gardens are at risk of disappearing. The producers harvest around 20 quintals a year, sold directly from the farm or at the markets in Gorizia and Trieste, where the Rosa is greatly appreciated.
The Presidium’s objective is to promote the radicchio outside the local area, because the patient care it requires and the increasing lack of cultivatable land around the town are threatening its continued survival.
To protect the radicchio, the project will also involve the growers from the Slovenian part of the city, who maintain the same tradition and can help prevent its loss.

Production area
Market gardens around Gorizia

Presidium supported by
Funds raised by the “Alliance between chefs and Slow Food Presidia 2012” project
The Rosa di Gorizia producers are joined in the
Associazione Produttori Radicchi Rosso di Gorizia o Rosa di Gorizia e Canarino di Gorizia
Via del Montesanto, 133
tel. +39 335 8370254

To buy the product, contact the association or

Carlo Brumat
Via Brigata Etna, 5
tel. +39 0481 532672 - 3477837039

Francesco Brumat
Località Piuma, 56
tel.+39 0481 33242

Kostanca Hvalic
Via Campi, 30a
tel. +39 330 722370

Slow Food Presidium Coordinator
Michela Fabbro
Tel. +39 0481 522700

Producer’s coordinator
Carlo Darco Brumat
tel.+39 347 7837039


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