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Pantano di Pignola Red Bean - Presì Slow Food

Pantano di Pignola Red Bean


This bean ecotype flourishes in the extremely favorable microclimate a few kilometers from Potenza, around Lake Pantano di Pignola. A large basin, surrounded by the Maddalena mountains, which are over 1,000 meters high, forms a kind of natural amphitheater. Temperatures in July, August and September never exceed 30°C, while the relative humidity is around 70%. The soil is also perfect for growing beans, well drained and highly productive due to its clayey-silty composition. The climbing plant produces a round, ovoid seed, beige in color with the dark red streaks that give it its name. After the Second World War, bean growing was replaced by livestock farming and young people gradually abandoned the countryside and went to work in the cities or the chemical industry that developed in the area.
Over the past few years, the agriculture development and innovation agency ALSIA Basilicata has been selecting and morphologically classifying the seed, working with all the growers still active in the area. The producers are now joined in a growers’ association, with its own production protocol and a brand that identifies the authentic red beans.
Their very tender skin means that the beans are suited for use in starters or as a side dish, but they can also be cooked in soups, on their own or combined with vegetables or meat.
Thanks to the recent studies and its inclusion in the register of traditional products, the bean is slowly starting to be cultivated again. The traditional crop had been abandoned as a result of migrations away from the countryside and changing food habits, and for years was only grown in small family plots.

Production area
Altitudes over 600 meters above sea level, Pignola municipality and some parts of the Abriola municipality, Potenza province

Presidium supported by
Funds raised by the “Alliance between chefs and Slow Food Presidia 2012” project
The producers are joined in an association for protecting and promoting the Pantano di Pignola red bean.

Alessandra Ferretti
Pignola (Pz)
Contrada Pantano, 54
tel. +39 3358353359

Giovanni Bianconi
Pignola (Pz)
Contrada Petrucco, 12
tel. +39 328 1660719

Nazareno Colucci
Pignola (Pz)
Contrada Arciprete
tel. +39 347 9962990

Rocco Vincenzo Rosa
Pignola (Pz)
Contrada Pantano
tel. +39 338 4559519

Vincenza Rosa
Pignola (Pz)
Contrada Tintera
tel. +39 333 7822449

Valentino Ungaro
Pignola (Pz)
Contrada Tintera 12/c
tel. +39 340 8998560
Slow Food Presidium Producers’ Coordinator
Luigi Ferretti
tel. +39 335 8353359

Slow Food Presidium Coordinator
Caterina Salvia
tel. +39 366 6572454


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