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Cinisara cattle - Presì Slow Food

Cinisara cattle


Until the 1950s, the mountains that stretch from behind Palermo to the Madonie were dotted with scattered herds of cows whose deep-black coats contrasted with the stony background. The Cinisara breed had been selected over the centuries to live in this harsh, wind-swept environment, with little greenery and searing temperatures during the summer. Now the population of this hardy breed has fallen dramatically, for the usual reason native breeds are abandoned: low productivity.
Making Caciocavallo Palermitano cheese is the best use for the small amount of extraordinary milk produced by Cinisara cows, rich in fat and aromas from the typical Mediterranean vegetation on which they graze.


Cinisara cheese and beef are available throughout the year.
The Presidium’s seven farmers are joined in a consortium to protect the Cinisara cattle breed. The consortium promotes both the cheese and meat from the breed. The Presidium wants to help farmers to set up a communal aging facility and to market their products together, so as to generate a more competitive market price and also guarantee the quality of their products.

Production area
Palermo province

Presidium supported by
Sicily Regional Authority’s Agricultural and Food Department

Gli allevatori del Presidio della Razza bovina Cinisara sono riuniti nel
Consorzio di tutela della Razza bovina Cinisara
Via Vincenzo di Marco,10
Tel. +39 091 346975

Giovanna Aiavolasit
Misilmeri (Pa)
contrada Mendola
Tel. +39 339 2877198

Salvatore Brusca
Monreale (Pa)
contrada Marzuso
tel. +39 338 1432775

Calcedonio Miceli
Monreale (Pa)
contrada Cannara
tel. +39 338 2000194

La natura a tavola
di Gabriella Prestigiacomo
Torretta (Pa)
contrada San Nicolò
Tel. +39 389 4727555

Salvatore Polizzi
San Giuseppe Jato (Pa)
contrada Dammusi
tel.+39 389 1158911

Giovanni Scalora
Piana degli Albanesi (Pa)
contrada Ducco
tel. +39 328 3097276

Paolo Valentini
Sciara (Pa)
contrada Cozzi Secchi
tel. +39 329 6167427
Slow Food Presidium Producers Coordinator
Paolo Valentini
Tel. 329 6167427

Slow Food Presidium Coordinator
Mario Indovina
Tel. +39 3487274350


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