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Category: Vegetables

Höri peninsula Onion


The Höri-Bülle (dialect “Bülle” is used regionally for onion) is an onion variety traditionally cultivated on the Hoeri peninsula, on the western shore of Lake Constance.
It differs from other red varieties by its characteristic form and color. Its peculiar flat and pot-bellied shape is suitable for the traditional onion braids. The color of the skin is pale red-brown and does not stain red during slicing. Its taste is characterized by a tender and mild flavor, ideal for raw consumption and for the regional recipe “Wurstsalat”, a sausage salad prepared with onions, oil and vinegar. If cooked, the onion develops a spicy taste without losing its characteristic red color.
Its very soft consistency makes the onion very sensitive to pressure and requires therefore careful manual harvesting and restricts the ability for long-term storage.
As seeds are not commercially available, farmers produce their own seeds through breeding. Time-consuming seed production, labor intensive harvest and changes in consumer habits are the main reasons for the constant decreasing amount of this variety on the market and the changeover to others whose seeds are more easily available.

Its traditional cultivation area is the Höri peninsula at the most western end of Lake Constance. Production centre of the onion cultivation are the municipalities of Moos, Iznang, Bankholzen and Weiler.
In this western area, where the Swiss and the Austrian borders are very close, the vegetable and onion cultivation dates back to VIII century. Later on the independent farmers of Höri switched over to cultivate onions as the main vegetable, which was sold on markets in nearby Switzerland and until the 1990s also in Constance in autumn. The cultural importance of the Hoeri Bülle in this region led in 1976 to the creation of the yearly “Bülle festival”, which takes place on every first Sunday in October in Moos. For this event special onion braids are crafted with Höri Bülle.

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