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Txerrikia Basque pig


The Pie Noir pig breed from the Pays Basque has the necessary rustic features to live in the mountainous areas of the region.
It is a so-called 'conservation' and endangered breed. In the 1980s-90s its survival was guaranteed by a group of breeders who collected the last breeding individuals in the Aldudes valley. Among them, one decided to immediately invest in a transformation structure in order to economically exploit the products of the breeding activity, which was fundamental to safeguard the breed. 20 years later, the number of breeding individuals has increased by 10, although some genetic families are still endangered and the preservation of the whole breed biodiversity in not ensured.
The Basque breed is considered a slow growing breed. Its genetic features, combined with the traditional rearing method, give birth to a very peculiar animal which produces redder and more mature meat than conventional pigs. It is much more tender and fat, with a marked marbling. The products presented are the traditional cured meats of the Pays Basque, prepared at farms at the moment of the 'tue cochon', when the pig is killed. Black pudding allows for the use of scraps, particularly the head.
The Pays Basque Pie Noir breed is an indigenous breed from the area. Paleoanthropological excavations have found traces of the ancient breeding of this animal in the area (XV century).

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