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Rennes Coucou Chicken


Rennes Coucou Chicken - Arca del Gusto The Coucou of Rennes is an old, local race of chicken. Until the end of the second world war it was diffuse throughout the area of Rennes and the Brittany region. Renown for its rusticity and the quality of its meat, in the 19th century it was particularly prized in the markets of Rennes. Considered one of the great French chicken races since 1858, its history is connected to that of Dr. Edmond Ramé, who bred the Coucou de Rennes at the end of the 19th century paying particular attention to preserve its most important characteristics: rusticity and slow growth. In the 90s, after a long period of decline, a few heads were rediscovered from the eco-museum of Rennes. Today an association of Coucous di Rennes chicken producers exists with the objective of creating regulations for the breeding of these fowl. Among other things the regulation states the minimum age of slaughter: 130 days for the fowl, 180 days for the hens and roosters, 200 days for the capons.
Boarded in 2003

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