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Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity Onlus - Ark of Taste

Nominate a product

Product name

Indicate the name of the product as it is known in its area of origin *
If this name is in a local language or dialect, please also provide the translation in the national language

Category *

Country *

Product description *

In the case of a plant, describe its shape, weight, color, taste, etc. and how and when it is harvested. In addition to the species (e.g. don't just say that it is a tomato), but mention if it is a specific variety, linked to the territory, propagated with local seeds, etc.

In the case of an animal breed, describe the animal's characteristics – size, shape of horns, color of hide/fur, etc., and for which purpose it is bred, indicating also what products are derived from it (meat, cured meats, cheese, etc.).

If it is a processed product, describe how it is produced, including the various production steps, and indicate if the ingredients used are produced locally. Is it is linked to a specific variety (for example, if it is a type of bread, is it made with a particular wheat or rye variety) or a native breed (if it is a cheese or cured meat, is it made with the meat of milk from native breeds)?

If it is a cheese, please check and note if it is made from raw milk.

If known, name and describe any traditional dishes linked to the product.

Product history

If known, please detail any known history about the product (are there related festivals, proverbs, local customs, etc?)

Historical production area *

Indicate the geographical area in which the product it still produced (e.g. names of the towns, valleys, etc)

Is this product related to an indigenous/tribal community? If yes, please specify:

What is your estimate of the approximate quantity produced?

Is the product for sale on the market?

Or is it produced for home consumption only?

For what reason is this product or breed at risk of disappearing?

Name of person supplying the application*

Phone *

E-mail *

Personal motivation: please tell us who you are and why you have nominated this product!

Privacy information

According to art. 13 of legislative decree 196/2003, information provided by individuals may be processed directly or by third parties, through hardcopies, data transmission systems or other information technology in a way to protect individual safety and confidentiality, with the sole purpose of correctly forwarding registrations to the Ark of Taste project and for the aim of statistical data processing. All data are mandatory and notices will be completed only upon agreement to individual data processing, by clicking over the link below. The organization responsible for data processing is the Fondazione Slow Food per la Biodiversità Onlus, that has its legal headquarters in Firenze, P.le degli Uffizi c/o Accademia dei Georgofili, and its operations office in Bra (CN), P.zza XX Settembre, 5. The responsible for data processing is Serena Milano (phone +30 (0)172 419625 email: Any individual may exercise his/her rights, according to art. 7 of legislative decree 196/2003, by contacting the responsible for data processing at the above addresses. I agree

Upload space

Please attach any additional documents on the product you are nominating: list and contacts of the producers and the cooks using this product, if you know them, texts, articles, images, links to websites, videos, etc. (Max 300KB)

* the asterisked questions are very important for the evaluation of the product, and it is therefore compulsory to enter texts in these fields or the application will not be saved.

This is the initial form used for adding a product to the Ark of Taste. Your nomination will be considered by our staff before publication. To continue with the work and launch projects (such as Presidia), more information must be collected through visits to producers and specific questionnaires.


Download example nomination forms

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