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Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity Onlus

A Hundred Days for a Hundred Food Gardens

Less than 50 days remain before the end of 100 Days for 100 Food Gardens, Slow Food's first crowdfunding campaign, launched in September.

The objective: to raise €90,000 to fund a hundred food gardens in Africa before the end of the year. Slow Food is now at the halfway point, and over €40,000 has been donated so far. That means that very soon, more than 1,200 people around the African continent will be able to grow local products and sell them on the market, improving their diets and providing a source of income, as well as contributing to the spread of food education, an essential weapon in fighting malnutrition and protecting the environment. "It's an important result, but it's not enough," said Carlo Petrini, Slow Food's president. "We've set ourselves an ambitious goal and we can only reach it with everyone's help. Changing the lives of 3,000 people by the end of the year is the best present we can give ourselves for Christmas."

A food garden symbolizes the fight against malnutrition and the defense of biodiversity, sustainability and food sovereignty. A food garden is a community experience, uniting different generations, fostering local knowledge and skills, improving people's autonomy and giving them the chance to choose what to grow and what to eat. In Petrini's words: "Please sow together with us: all it takes is one euro to make a difference. We're counting on you."

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The campaign has been running for 54 days and has already collected €40,000.

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