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10.000 Gardens in Africa

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Napoko Educational Garden

Burkina Faso
Korean Federation of Sustainable Agriculture Organization

For years the land around the Loumbila dam, 25 kilometers northeast of the capital Ouagadougou, was cultivated according to the intensive agriculture principles encouraged by many national agricultural programs. Following the loss of soil fertility, some farmers in the area decided to join the Thousand Gardens in Africa project, to return to a sustainable agriculture that respects natural rhythms and to start planting local varieties, which are better adapted to the climate.
Moussa Ouedraogo is a respected farmer from the village of Loumbila, an expert in seed production and nursery management. The plants in his nurseries are made available to the local vegetable-growers, who learn from him how to produce their own seeds. The Napoko farm serves as a school for the Loumbila growers, who are organized in a network to make the most of Moussa’s experience. The farm is planted with local varieties and chicken, cows, goats and sheep are also raised. Moussa fertilizes the soil with manure from the animals, and also produces biogas which is used to illuminate the farm and fuel the tomato-drying process.
The feed for the animals, mostly Piliostigma reticulatum, also comes from the food garden, and the Napoko farm also produces vegetables, cheese and meat.

Garden Location
Napoko, Loumbila municipality, Oubritenga province, Plateau-Central region

Moussa Ouedraogo

  Napoko Educational Garden Napoko Educational Garden Napoko Educational Garden Napoko Educational Garden Napoko Educational Garden
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