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10.000 Gardens in Africa

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Terrou Baye Sogui community garden

Silvio Greco and Caffè Italiano Florence, Italy

WThis community is close to Oceanium, the environmental association overseen by Haïdar Aly El, considered one of the most active ecologists in the world. The association joins together 205 people dedicated to sustainable fishing. They only use fishing rods and have been taught the importance of preserving the marine ecosystem by Aly El Haidar.
The inhabitants of this community used to live on the Terou Baye Sogui bay. Over time, because of urbanization, they moved towards the outskirts of the city of Dakar. Now the fishermen spend all day at sea, leaving their homes early in the morning to go to the bay, and working until the evening.
The fishermen are suffering from dwindling marine resources. They used to be able to come back in the early afternoon and still have good sales. Now they have to travel up to 25 kilometers offshore to find fish. The fish are increasingly small and hard to find. Another negative factor is climate change, which has influenced the movements of fish shoals, and also increased the number of farmers who are turning to fishing because of the lack of rain.
The fishing community already raises goats along the bay and will create a garden in the same area, which will be run in collaboration with all the fishermen.

Terrou Baye Sogui bay, Dakar
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