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10.000 Gardens in Africa

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Kiptunga community garden

Rift valley
Slow Food Netherlands

Twenty-five young people (15 women and 10 men) have united to cultivate this community garden in Kiptunga village, a flat rural area in Nakuru District. The quarter-acre plot of land is primarily used to grow indigenous vegetables like black nightshades, amaranths, stinging nettle, saget, and African spinach (nderema), some of which are carefully harvested from the forest to be propagated for the garden, as well as local cereals like millet and sorghum. The fresh produce is harvested and consumed by the project members but the project aims to encourage more community households to grow their own food through demonstrating the benefits of local crops and techniques.

Garden location
Kiptunga village, Nakuru District, Central Rift Province

Emily Kirui
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