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Olive Oil

1- The product must be made from olives cultivated in accordance with the guidelines for fruit and vegetable products.

2- The olive trees must be grown on land recognized as suitable for production. The planting distances and types of cultivation must conform to those used in the area or traditionally used for the variety grown by the Presidium.

3- The olives must be harvested when the majority of the fruit turn dark on the surface. The harvest must be carried out directly from the tree by hand or with the aid of mechanical equipment that does not damage the olives. It is not permitted to harvest olives from the ground, to use permanent nets or use abscission products.

4- The olives must be transported to the mill and processed as quickly as possible following harvest, preferably within 24 hours. To avoid damaging the olives, aerated plastic crates of maximum 25kg capacity should be used.

5- It is envisaged that only extravirgin olive oil is produced.

6- The olives must be pressed directly by the farm that grows the fruit or by a local mill.

7- The olive oil must be monovarietal, using only the olive variety governed by the Presidia.

8- Pressing may be carried out using traditional or modern methods (Sinolea,
continuous cycle), taking great care at each stage. The temperature must not exceed 28°C at any stage of processing.

9- In addition to mandatory labeling requirements, the label of the oil must show the
- the year the olives were harvested
- the variety used and a short description of its characteristics
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