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Alliance Between Italian Chefs and Slow Food Presidia: Membership Criteria for Pizzerias

The selected pizzerias must respect the following rules for the production of their pizzas:


1. Use of soft wheat flour (0 or 00 type) or blends that do not contain Manitoba flour or other similar strong flours. The use of durum wheat flour is allowed in blends according to local tradition.


2. The dough must rise for at least 10 hours. If possible, a sourdough starter should be used.


3. Genetically modified products cannot be used.


4. Only Italian olive oil can be used to drizzle over pizzas, and at least one of the oils used in the pizzeria should be bought from a small-scale producer who grows and mills their own olives. The producers should be selected based on their geographical proximity and the annually updated indications in Slow Food Editore's guide to extra-virgin olive oils.


5. The fior di latte mozzarella used must be made with natural acidification, without the use of citric acid, and the buffalo mozzarella must be PDO and sourced as locally as possible.


6. Tomatoes and all other vegetables must be grown and processed in Italy.


7. The pizza must be baked in a wood-burning oven and the pizza cannot be cooked in tins or trays. The dough must be directly in contact with the stone floor of the oven.
If there is a proven local tradition of pizza cooked in rectangular trays or other particular containers, then their use is allowed. The oven does not have to be wood-burning if cooking the pizza in an electric oven is customary in the local area.


The daily use of at least three Presidia products is requested. The pizzeria can choose from two different ways of introducing the Presidia onto the menu:


1. One Presidia pizza, prepared using the three Presidia together, including tomato, cheese and a selected third Presidium product.


2. Several types of pizza, each prepared with a different Presidium product, considering that out of the three Presidia chosen by the pizzeria, one will be a tomato and one will be a cheese.


Finally, the Alliance pizzerias are requested to pay special attention to local microbreweries, and to commit to offering their customers at least two local artisanal beers.


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