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In 2012, the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity, in collaboration with the University of Turin and the University of Palermo, undertook a study into the sustainability of European Presidia.


The study aimed to assess the results, in terms of agri-environmental, socio-cultural and economic sustainability, of a significant sample of Presidia.


During the months of June and July 2012, 47 producers where interviewed to inform the process of drafting a questionnaire for all Presidia. The encouraging results showed an improvement for the majority of Presidia examined.

Download the research report:
Slow Food Presidia in Europe: A Model of Sustainability. Evaluation of the sociocultural, agri-environmental and economic results. 2000-2012


Europe's mountains are still a place of dairy excellence, and it is precisely this excellence that can provide a tool for safeguarding these difficult territories. For many years, Slow Food has been working in marginal areas, and now has more than 60 related Presidia projects in 15 countries around the world. But just what kind of impact do these projects have in such a context? How are they sustainable and what are their consequences and implications?

In collaboration with the University of Palermo and the University of Turin, Slow Food examined the environmental, economic and social sustainability of the European mountain Presidia to see if the model can provide new opportunities and solutions in complex situations, previously with a bleak outlook; and identify both the potential and the problems associated with life and agricultural work in the mountains.

Click here and download the research report!

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