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Badalucco, Conio and Pigna Beans - Presì Slow Food

Badalucco, Conio and Pigna Beans


The ancestors of these beans reached Liguria in the 17th century from Spain, and found ideal conditions in the Nervia, Oneglia and Argentina valleys, where they were grown on dry-stone terraces. Natural selection produced three different varieties, cultivated around three small towns: Badalucco, Conio and Pigna. Conio beans are large and kidney-shaped, while the other two are oval and slightly smaller, especially the Pigna variety. The best-suited land is the highest, where the soil is loose and well drained and the calcareous and mineral-rich water comes from springs.


The pods are harvested from mid-September until mid-October and dried beans are available year-round.
Production has declined because of inadequate distribution, plus a lack of interest from restaurateurs, who should instead be promoting this local specialty. The Presidium must also battle the many fakes on the market. The producers package their beans in jute bags with an identifying brand and the Presidium logo.

Production area
Badalucco, Montalto Ligure, Castel Vittorio and Pigna Municipalities and the village of Conio in Borgomaro Municipality, Imperia Province

Presidium supported by
Badalucco, Conio and Pigna Beans Consortium
Badalucco Beans
Marco Brezzo
Badalucco (Im)
via Magenta, 26
tel. +39 349 5668892

Conio Beans
Anna Librando
Borgomaro (Im)
frazione Conio
via 1° Maggio, 1
tel. +39 0183 54963
328 6948620

Donato Librando
Borgomaro (Im)
frazione Conio
via 1° Maggio, 19
tel. +39 0183 54992

Paolo Mela
Imperia (Im)
via delle Valli, 56
tel. +39 0183 660008-339 5208225

Elisa Ventimiglia
Borgomaro (Im)
frazione Conio
via 1° maggio, 1
tel. +39 0183 54963-333 3663056

Pigna Beans
Enrico Allavena
Pigna (Im)
corso De Sonnaz, 5
tel. +39 0184 241341-328 7051067

Massimo Allavena
Pigna (Im)
via Carriera Piana, 76
tel. +39 0184 241513-338 5817258

Marco Bolognesi
Pigna (Im)
Regione Cancelli, 16
tel. +39 0184241051-3402957717

Adriana Borfiga
Pigna (Im)
Corso Borfiga, 12
tel. +39 0184241055

Laura Borfiga
Pigna (Im)
via S. Antonio, 1
tel. +39 0184 241370-338 3718254

Gabriella Dolza
Pigna (Im)
località Seusa
tel. +39 0184 241441-348 2462304

Elisa Ferrari
Dolceacqua (Im)
Piazza Maur
o, 8
Tel. 329 0125918

Isolabona (Im)
via Molino 40
tel. +39 393 1378216

Anna Maria Lantero
Pigna (Im)
via Borgo, 35
tel. +39 0184 241259

Stefania Lantero
Pigna (Im)
corso De Sonnaz, 98
tel. +39 0184 141395

Andrea Pastor
Ventimiglia (Im)
via Gianchette, 19/a
tel. +39 339 2463606

Giovanni Rebaudo
Pigna (Im)
via Piazza, 23
tel. +39 0184241751-329 3785853

Maria Gianna Rebaudo
Pigna (Im)
via S.Antonio, 1
tel. +39 0184 241305-331 2166770

Roberto Rebaudo
Pigna (Im)
regione Pagan
strada provinciale
Pigna - Gouta km 3,5
tel. +39 347 3223375
Slow Food Presidium Producers’ Coordinators
Roberto Rebaudo
Tel. +39 347 3223375

Anna Librando
Tel. +39 0183 54963
328 6948620

Marco Brezzo
Tel. +39 349 5668892

Slow Food Presidium Coordinator
Luciano Barbieri
Tel. +39 0184 996162


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